Live and Studio


Tambourine Studios, Malmö
Atlantis Studion, Stockholm
Producer – PER SUNDING

Album Recordings IN EVERY MOVE

CATE MARTIN (Music & Lyrics): Vocals, piano, Fender Rhodes, organ, synthesizer. String arrangements.
MICHA HOLLAND (Music): Guitars, bass, upright bass, percussions, drums, vibraphone, Fender Rhodes, organ, synthesizer, mellotron. String arrangements.
PER SUNDING: Producer & mixing engineer at Tambourine Studios, Malmö. Guitars.
ERIK SUNDING: Recording engineer at Tambourine Studios, Malmö. Drums and percussions.
FREDRIK SUNDING: Mixing engineer at Tambourine Studios, Malmö.
JANNE HANSSON: Engineer. String recordings at Atlantis Studion, Stockholm.
STOCKHOLM SESSION STRINGS: Ulf Forsberg, Per Öman, Tony Bauer, Kati Raitinen.
BJÖRN ENGELMANN: Mastering. Cuttingroom, Stockholm.

Questions to the producer about IVY FLINDT

PER SUNDING, you as the producer of IN EVERY MOVE got to know Ivy Flindt really well, working together side by side. In three words: Could you please describe the collaboration with Cate Martin and Micha Holland?

PER SUNDING: Yes, of course. Working with Ivy Flindt was a very joyful and considerate process. I absolutely love the result! It’s the perfect debut, very charming. So let’s see. Three words describing working with Cate. I choose: Poetic, adventurous and rewarding. For the collaboration with Micha, I choose: Percipient, thorough and passionate!